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yabo亚搏手机最新版app:网曝杨鸣当选辽宁篮协秘书长 任主教练后再添一职

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Netease Sports reported on September 28:




Recently, a picture of “Resolution on Election of Comrade Yang Ming as the Secretary-General (Legal Representative) of the Liaoning Basketball Association” was posted on social media. This also means that Yang Ming, the current Liaoning men’s basketball coach, has since With a new title and identity.


The document shows: According to the "Liaoning Provincial Basketball Association Constitution", the fifth Liaoning Provincial Basketball Association's second council election was passed, and Comrade Yang Ming is the Secretary-General (legal representative) of the Liaoning Provincial Basketball Association.


Regarding this news, many netizens have posted comments on social media to express their views. Fans praised Yang Ming, who already had multiple titles at a young age, and praised his success in his career. "Successful career", "Congratulations to Director Yang", "Oh, the most handsome secretary-general" comments are numerous.

关于这一消息,许多网友已经在社交媒体上发表评论以表达自己的观点。球迷称赞杨明,他年轻时就已经获得过多个头衔,并称赞了他在事yabo亚搏手机最新版app业上的成功。 “成功的职业”,“恭喜杨主任”,“哦,最帅的秘书长”的评论无数yabo亚搏手机最新版app。

In the upcoming 2020-21 season of the CBA League, Yang Ming will continue to serve as the coach of the Liaoning men's basketball team, and the team has also built a coaching team with Jiang Xingquan (consultant), Wu Naiqun, and foreign teacher Martinez as the core. Under their leadership, the Liaoning Men's Basketball Team will open a new chapter in the new season.